Customization Options

  • Colors
    • Content Text
    • Content Background
    • Accent (Buttons, Links, etc.)
    • Accent Text (Button text colors)
  • Toggle
    • Sticky Menu Button
    • Transparent Navigation Background

Page > Colors

There are 4 different colors that you can customize, which will affect your entire page.

  • Content Text
  • Content Background
  • Accent
  • Accent Text
Content Text

This option will simply change the color of the text in the content area of the page. It will not affect the color of links.

Content Background

This option changes the background color of the content area, underneath the header, like so:


Th Accent color option will change the color of Links, Buttons, Input Highlights, and other generally stylistic accents on the page.

Accent Text

The Accent text color option is used to change the text color of accented elements on the page like buttons. For example, if you change your Accent Color to a light color like violet, then you would want to change the Accent Text color to something darker, so that it will be easier to see.

Page > Font Family

This option changes the font family for the entire page, including the Title, Slogan, and all text within the content area.

We made a single option for all of these areas to keep your site looking great aesthetically. It's considered bad practice to use multiple fonts on a single page, as it can make it hard for the users eyes to read.

There are 10 Font Family presets that you can choose from:

  • Raleway

  • Open Sans

  • Abril Fatface

  • Arvo

  • Josefin Slab

  • Lato

  • Old Standard TT

  • Playfair display

  • Ubuntu

  • Vollkorn