Customization Options

  • Colors
    • Text
    • Border
    • Background
  • Icon
    • 3 Bars
    • 3 Bars Left
    • 3 Bars Centered
    • Plus
    • Plus Circle
    • Plus Circle Outline
    • Grid
    • Dots Horizontal
    • Dots Vertical
    • Cog
  • Shape
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Rounded Square

There are 3 specific color options that you can customization with the menu button:

  • Menu Button text color
  • Menu Button border color
  • Menu Button background color

The text color option will change the color of the icon inside of the menu button.


This will change the color of the border around the Menu Button.


This will change the background color of the Menu Button, like so:

This dropdown menu allows you to choose which icon you would like to show up inside of your Menu Button. We've included 10 different icon presets to choose from.

menu 3 Bars

sort 3 Bars Left

filter 3 Bars Centered

add Plus

add_circle Plus Circle

add_circle_outline Plus Circle Outline

apps Grid

more_horiz Dots Horizontal

more_vert Dots Vertical

settings Cog

You can change the icons using the Menu Button > Icon dropdown menu like so:

This option is used to set the desired shape of the Menu Button, There are 3 options:



Rounded Square

These options can be changed with the Menu Button > Shape dropdown menu.


You're amazing. Now you're an expert at customizing your pages Menu Button~~ ^_^