Setting up your blog page to look just right

Out of the box, Space Age works perfectly with Rapid Weavers Blog plugin, though there are a few recommended tweaks that can be made in order to make your blog page look even better with this theme.

Recommended Changes

  • Tags
  • Dates


If you decide that you want to enable tags for your blog page in Rapid Weaver

Then you will find that the default separate will be set as a comma ( , ) like so:

Which will cause the tags on your blog page to look like this:

This is fine, but stylistically it doesn't look that great.

We recommend change the default separator of your tags from a comma ( , ) to a single space, like so:

Which will create a much more appealing and simple look on your blog, like so:

This is not absolutely necessary, but we think it adds a more clean look to the blog page, rather than the default value in Rapid Weaver.


The default date style in Rapid Weaver is also not that appealing stylistically. We recommend the follow Date formate for your blog page:

Which would end up looking something like this:

This is a subtle change, but we think it makes all the difference in making your page look cohesive and stylish.