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Adjustable Footer

4 Perfect Footer Options: Add navigation menu horizontally or vertically, add extra content area, display copyright information only, or turn off all together.

Powerful Code Snippets

Code snippers make changing your website's design and functionality just clicks away. Change slider images, add custom banners, select social media icons and links, adjust columns, and create extra content.

Incredibly Compatible

Optimized for all modern browsers & mobile browsers, and compatible back to Internet Explorer 7. All your visitors will have see the same awesome visuals and amazing effects.

Drop Down Menu

Smooth animating JavaScript Dropdown menu lets your navigation menu stand out. Dropdown menu allows for up to 4 sublevels styled perfectly to match your theme style options.

Plugin Support

Awesome plugin support lets users have even more options - Compatible with Extra Content, Stacks, Blocks, and tons more! If you want our team to test one for you just send an e-mail.

Banner Section

4 Great Banner Options give every page of your website amazing variation: Create a 3-Image-Slideshow using the power of the jQuery Diapo slider, a single image slideshow, or use the banner section as another Extra Content section. No matter what you pick the page will be adjusted to perfection.


Custom Colours

Conversa gives you 100% control of your website using the color picker tool - color options on any part of the site creates incredible variation and customization options: Header, navigation bar, banner/slider, extra content, sidebar, footer, content text, links and buttons.

Site Widths

Select between 4 professional internet standardized widths - Adjust the pixel width of your pages to 960px, 910px, 860px, or 810px.

Social Media Icons

42 social media icons to choose from and change gives you awesome flexibility and support for all your social media needs. Includes all the greats (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feeds, Flickr, Vimeo, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Deviant Art, Squidoo, StumbleUpon).


18 different stunning textures for almost every spot on the page. Select textures to impact your site's background, header, footer, banner, and extra content areas.


16 beautifully selected custom fonts fit to the complement the Conversa theme in almost any combination. Change fonts for title elements as well as all body content.


Dramatically change the look of Conversa with options to change your layout. Remove & add shadows to give your website better eye flow & separation. Have multiple sections with different textures or keep it minimal with a solid flush background.

Extra Content

Our team knows how much users like options for adding additional content to their websites, so we've created
7 different areas to the theme. Have more control of the look and layout of your site.

Photo Viewer

Display beautfiul photo galleries using the power of the jQuery Pretty Photo Viewer - Offers image lightbox styled gallery with small preview icons, transition effects, and play mode.