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RapidWeaver Theme

Powered by Foundation 5 Platform


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Built on the revolutionary Foundation 5 platform. A modern, front-end framework ensures that your site is prepared for the future.

Scroll effects further enables added appeal & vitality to your already established site design.
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Implementation of the Masonry gallery omits the monotony of the preliminary Photo & Movie Gallery pages.

Compatibility & Responsiveness

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Phaleg is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8+. Perfectly fit for any screen-size Seaworthy adapts beautifully on tablets and smartphones. Open on any tablet or iPhone or simply resize your screen using any browser.

Other Features

Clean coding HTML5 & WC3 offers clean coding & validation, while simple & modern design are made possible by the latest in CSS3's subtle & impressive web animation techniques.

Syntax follows all of Googles Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compliance best practices & guidelines.

Font Awesome icon package installed in theme (version 4.1.0).
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About Us

1LD is a team of 3rd party developers that seek to enhance the experience users have with RapidWeaver.
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The clean, minimal, and fully responsive RapidWeaver template that offers clean HTML5 coding, minimal design, and beautiful CSS3 web animation.