Parallax Stacks

Scrolling Animated Backgrounds

Parallax Stacks Uses use the power of jQuery to create awesome parallax background effects. Easily control the scroll speed and direction of two background layers. Add any stack you want as content and use it in any theme! You can also use the Parallax Stacks Wrap as a fantastic one page animated scrolling website, just like the one you see here!
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Parallax Stacks Complete


Parallax Stacks is NOT just a Stack, it includes a Theme Wrap Stack that overrides any existing theme and creates a one-page website. The awesome built-in navigation panel smoothly lands visitors into the page's sections with an awesome easing effect.



The Parallax Stack Standalone version does not include the Theme Wrap Stack. Use the standalone version to get a parallax effect within any of your existing themes.



Fully compatible in all modern browsers:

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8+


Easily control the styling of both Parallax Stacks & Standalone. All controls are designed to make adjustments intuitive and easy to use.
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The project file used to create this page, all images and textures displayed on this page.

Parallax Stacks has been discontinued & replaced with Parallax Flight. The new stack contains all the same features & a few new ones!
Check it out here.