A Smooth & Simple to use Scrolling Parallax RapidWeaver Stack

Parallax Flight

Parallax Flight Uses the power of jQuery to create awesome parallax effects. Easily control the scroll speed & direction of 2 background layers & the the content. Place any stack you want inside of Parallax Flight & use it in any theme! You can also use the Parallax Flight Wrap as a fantastic one page animated scrolling website!
  • Parallax Flight + Theme Wrap

    Stacks Image 455
    Stacks Image 843
    This will include both Parallax Flight and the Theme Wrap so you can create a one page website just like this demo page. The Theme Wrap allows your stacks sections to be the full width of the browser's window. It also provides a fixed position menu that can be used to quickly navigate between your different sections.

    Price: 29.99

  • Complete Parallax Bundle

    Stacks Image 863
    Stacks Image 865
    Stacks Image 875
    Stacks Image 873
    This bundle includes Parallax Flight, Parallax Flight Theme Wrap, Parallax Orbit and Parallax Shift. Save 20% when you purchase them together!

    Parallax Orbit

    Parallax Shift

    Price: 46.37

  • Parallax Flight + Theme Wrap + Phantom + Sandwich File

    Stacks Image 915
    Stacks Image 917
    Stacks Image 951
    Stacks Image 949
    Get everything you need to completely recreate this page including a RapidWeaver sandwich file so that you can load it up and use it as a template to create your own awesome parallax website!

    Price: 47.98

  • Parallax Flight

    Stacks Image 959
    This purchase option is only for those who want to use Parallax Flight inside of another theme. If you have purchased Parallax Flight already and have decided you did want the Theme Wrap as well, you can upgrade by clicking here.

    Price: 17.99

  • Phantom

    Stacks Image 935
    Purchase the animated sorting stack Phantom by itself. You can also Check out 1LD's other awesome RapidWeaver stacks here.


    Price: 17.99

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