Current Support
Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE9

Known issues
IE7 and IE8 the stack is still functional, though will not display shadows, rounded corners, or background images at proper width. Some of this will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

How to use

In your stacks section drag the icon from the 1LD section of your stacks.

Select the stack and customization options will be presented on the right hand side.

Add the full URL link - example - http://www.onelittledesigner.com/fake.pdf

The default appearance is shown on all other pages of the other pages, though you can easily change everything listed in the customization options.

Limit per page?

No limit. However, if you run a significant amount on a single page there may be slight slowdown on the page due to the loading of the image files.

Customization Options

  • Anchor tag (URL link)
  • Header (title)
  • Description
  • Box widths
  • Header font size
  • Description font size
  • Border radius
  • Box color
  • Box color (hover)
  • Border color
  • Border color (hover)
  • Title color
  • Title color (hover)
  • Title text shadow
  • Title text shadow (hover)
  • Description background color
  • Description background color (hover)
  • Inside shadow
  • Inside shadow (hover)
  • Font color

iconShare's file icons and images are not to be redistributed or used outside of this stack. They are for use within the stack only. For permission and licensing of the images please contact support@1littledesigner.com