What iconShare does

iconShare allows you to place file sharing containers that automatically adapt to your anchor tag's file extensions. In other words, whatever file they are going to download, iconShare looks at the extension (i.e. pdf, jpg, csv, txt, etc) and assigns a visual image designated to represent that file type.

Free vs Pro

The iconShare FREE version is designed to include all the common mac files that most users have. These include image files, audio & video files, document files, and more.

Pro covers a lot more extensions, but many are less common or Windows based. For more See Full Details.

What is customizable

Pretty much all the container colors, font colors, and even the border radius.

Background images and all the functionality, however, are built in and cannot be altered. As with all our products we continually add to and improve them, so please submit any requests… we really do consider and appreciate them!

iconShare's file icons and images are not to be redistributed or used outside of this stack. They are for use within the stack only. For permission and licensing of the images please contact support@1littledesigner.com