Control Panel

Rapidweaver Stack for maximum CSS control

Complete CSS control

with the clean, simple and familiar Rapidweaver Stacks UI. No need to fumble with clunky code, or inspect element to apply custom styles.

Improved ease of use

and organization to manage over 119 customization options in a clear and concise workflow. Make changes quickly and easily without giving up any creative control.

Fully Responsive

with minimum/maximum width and height as well as auto width and height. Use pixels or % independently for each sizing option. You can easily build responsive layouts with nothing more than Control Panel.

Significant speed and size improvements
were made to this version of control panel. It uses up to 10kb less data per stack! on a large site with multiple instances of control panel, that could dramatically reduce load times especially for mobile users.
Corner Rounding + Rotation:


Your Design.


Background Color:
Customization Options:
(More options than you can shake a stick at)
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