Easily add and customize cleanCaps stack sections. Each section automatically replaces the first letter with the popular article and blog 'drop cap' effect.

Standard fonts are transformed into professional articles using simple drop-cap styling automatically applied to the first character of each individual cleanCaps stack section. Easily style the sizing, coloring, bordering, and shadowing of any font. 25 Built-in fonts for quick use.

Easily use our 9 built-in web safe fonts and 16 built-in Google Web Fonts. Customization options are easy and give you full control. If you want to import a font not included see our manual for easy step-by-step instructions for using our built-in import section.

Compatibility brings cleanCaps awesome control for any and every theme you might have. Clean and precise jQuery means your stack will run super quick and without error. We also help guide you to the best commercial free fonts available on the internet.

Tutorials for step-by-step instructions are in our manuals sections - cleanCaps Manual Here. The tutorials will cover all basic use of the cleanCaps RapidWeaver stack as well as where to find custom fonts and how to import them. If you have more questions you can always contact our support team and we'll help you with out.

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