/ôgment/ Make (something) greater by adding to it;

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Augment Reflect

- Augment Reflect is a simple CSS3 reflection stack that allows you to place images on Stacks pages. Easily control the reflection’s opacity and distance with as many images you want.
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Augment Flip

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- Augment flip allows content to be concealed and revealed in card flipping animation. With a click of the mouse the stack will flip over to reveal the information on the back. The effect is designed for to optimize the use of page space by showing visitors only the information they are interested in and is perfect for displaying products or company services.
It comes with three different types of flips vertical, horizontal, diagonal and also control over the colors and shadows.

Augment Cube

- Display your content in a 3 Dimensional Cube to create an incredible user experience that engages your audience! Fully Responsive, and features Parallax-Scrolling.

Augment Cube is a Rotatable, 3D cube that can display text, images, videos, and other stacks. Users can click and drag (or touch and swipe) any direction to rotate the cube, use arrow buttons, or numbers 1-6 to bring each face forward individually. It also comes with a button stack as a secondary way to control the rotation of the cube.
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Augment Pic

- Augment Pic allows you to place captions on images anywhere in your site. Comments can glide beautifully in from the top, bottom, left and right sides.
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Augment Pic also takes advantage of some very cool effects currently supported only by Chrome & Safari, but trends suggest support in all other modern browsers will soon follow. These image effects include Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Grayscale, Hue-Rotate, Invert, Opacity, Saturate, and Sepia.

Augment Mobile

- Augment Mobile allows you to easily put stack content inside of an iPhone or iPad device. Images are fully responsive.
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Augment Slide

- Augment Slide is a caption Stack specific for providing information on particular elements, such as images or media. A great way to present your stuff in an aesthetic fashion!
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